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PSV Licence Application Service

We are a well-established company offering a full application service to our customers.  The service is fully explained giving our customers the reassurance that they understand exactly the implications of applying for an Operator Licence.  We prepare every area of the application for you and speak to the Traffic Office directly throughout the process.

Who Needs a PSV Operator Licence?

You need a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Operator Licence to:

  • Operate a vehicle for hire and reward (payment/payment in kind) that can carry 9 or more passengers
  • Operate a smaller vehicle carrying passengers and charging separate fares for the journey


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Licence Type

Types Of PSV Licenses

Standard National Operator Licence (PSV)
This Operator Licence allows you to operate in the UK. National Transport Manager required
Standard National & International Operator Licence
This Operator Licence allows you to work within the UK and abroad. International Transport Manager required.
Restricted PSV Operator Licence
The Restricted Operator Licence can be used for eight or fewer passenger and in some circumstances nine – sixteen passengers.  We will discuss this with you.

This can be used internationally and does not need a part-time Transport Manager.

Special Restricted Licenses
Special Restricted Operator Licenses are used to operate a licensed taxi on a local service.  You can only apply for this if you are a licensed taxi operator.  A local service is one where stops are no more than 15 miles apart and at least one stop is within the area of the district council that issued the taxi or private hire vehicle licence (PHV).

Current Financial Levels

The amount of funds you show for each vehicle changes annually and the way that you show the funds differs depending on your situation. The length of time these funds are shown also differs. It is possible to ask for a “Financial Condition”, under certain circumstances.

This is important and we can discuss the options with you, so you understand the levels required for your specific circumstances.



£8,000.00 – First Vehicle

£4,500.00 – Each Vehicle thereafter


£3,100.00 – First Vehicle

£1,700.00 – Each vehicle thereafter

These amounts are revised every December and may fluctuate up or down.