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Welcome To Operator Licensing Service

We offer a personalised service for those applying for a New or Variation Operator Licence.  With many years’ experience, we pride ourselves in offering a professional and friendly service for all our clients and building an ongoing relationship for future support.

We work with potential Operators from the start of the application process right through until the Operator Licence has been granted and issued understanding both the financial implications and also the importance of a smooth process.

The Traffic Office on-line application system is used for most of the application work which is proving to be more efficient and much faster for applicants. We still offer the more traditional postal system if preferred, simply let us know.

Why Choose Us?

Our services offer you the confidence to make the right decisions understanding the processing from the start.

  • We have years’ of experience
  • We Listen
  • We Care
  • We Streamline the Process

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Our Mission

We strive to offer the best personalised, professional and streamlined service we can, to all operators applying for a licence whether it be New or Variation.

All our customers are treated individually and it is important to us that the application process is understood at every stage.

Who needs an Operator Licence?

If you drive a goods vehicle which is more than 3.5 tonnes in weight and it is used to carry goods as part of a trade or business the law requires you to have a Goods Vehicle Operator’s licence.  There are exceptions and options which can be discussed with you.

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How do you become a Goods Vehicle Operator?

There are several areas to consider before making an Operator Licence Application. It is important to understand the implications both now and in the future before steaming ahead in a direction that may not be beneficial to you.  We spend time explaining the options to you before you make the decision to proceed.

Over the years we have been asked many questions that are important to understand before proceeding.  For example Legal Entity, Financial Standing, Convictions or Bankruptcy, Type of Operator Licence, Any Exams, No Transport Manager.  All our customers have different needs and we are happy to discuss your personal circumstances and requirements.