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HGV Operator Licence Application Service

We are a well-established company offering a full application service to our customers.  The service is fully explained giving our customers the reassurance that they understand exactly the implications of applying for an Operator Licence.  We prepare every area of the application for you and speak to the Traffic Office directly throughout the process.

HGV Operator Licence – How It Works

The Goods Vehicle Operator Licensing Scheme is administered by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) on behalf of the Traffic Commissioners.

Applications should be made at least 9 weeks before they are required as some delays do occur.  Use of the new On Line Application system is addressing some of these delays and proving to be efficient and fast.

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Licence Type

What You Need To Know

Traffic Areas & Traffic Commissioners
There are eight different Traffic Areas all with their own Traffic Commissioner.  On new Applications, an Operator is allocated a reference number within the appropriate area depending on where the Operating Centre is based.

Traffic Commissioners are responsible within their area for many responsibilities which include:


  • Licensing Operators of Heavy Goods Vehicles
  • Granting Vocational Licenses
  • Acting against Drivers of HGVs
  • Holding Public Inquiries
Type Of Licence
Applicants need to consider the type of Operator Licence they need for their business:


Restricted Operator Licence (HGV)

Allows you to carry your own goods but not those of other people.  If stopped by DVSA it is important to be able to prove ownership of the load. No Transport Manager is required


National Operator Licence (HGV)

Allows you to carry other people’s goods in the UK as well as your own goods. You can also take loaded trailers to or from ports within the UK as part of an international journey as long as your vehicles do not leave the country. National Transport Manager Required


International Operator Licence (HGV)

Allows you to carry other people’s goods both in the UK and on International Journeys as well as your own. Requesting a Community Licence allows trips between all EU member countries plus Transit Traffic through EU member countries. International Transport Manager Required

Business Types and Benefits
Applicants need to consider the Legal Entity of the business they want to run.


Limited Company

We can give help and advice on setting up a Limited Company. A Limited Company can be sold and the Directors changed if the Traffic Office are notified within a specific time.



An Operator Licence can be held by any number of partners and can have a trading name.  It is important to remember that should any partner decide to resign from the Operator Licence a new application would have to be made.


Sole Trader

A sole trader applies in their own name but can have a trading name e.g  Mary Smith trading as Mary Smith Transport.  This type of Operator Licence cannot be transferred.  It is worth considering if at this stage you want to remain a Sole Trader or prefer to be a Limited Company in the future.  Change later would mean a new application.

Other Elements to Consider
There are several other elements to be discussed before proceeding:

  • Operating Centre(s)
  • Maintenance Provider(s)
  • Transport Manager
  • Finances
  • Previous Operator Licence History
  • Repute

All of this takes time and considerable research.  Operator Licensing Service makes the process easy and will discuss these points with you in detail.

Operating Centres
It is important to choose an appropriate Operating Centre when applying or changing an Operator Licence.

  • Large Enough premises to support your vehicles
  • Permission to Park
  • Safe Access
  • Environmentally Acceptable – Location/Noise
  • Permission by the Traffic Commissioner to move

The Operating Centre must be advertised so it is important to establish parking confirmation.  Choosing the wrong Operating Centre can lead to delays if the application goes to the Environmental Team and worse case can lead to refusal. We will organise the advert for you.

Variations to the Operator Licence
It is possible to do a Variation within that Traffic Area e.g if you want to move or add another Operating Centre that falls within your allocated Traffic Area.

Moving to an Operating Centre outside of the Traffic Area would mean a new Operator Licence Application.  You can hold an Operator Licence within each Traffic Area.  Each Operator Licence can have more than one Operating Centre.

Once an operator has an existing Licence there are times when changes need to be made. Each change has its own procedures and we make this transition an easy process.


  • More Vehicles and Trailers to be added
  • Change of Operating Centre
  • Adding a new Operating Centre
  • Changing a Transport Manager
Objections to an Operator Licence
Objections can arise at any time either applying for an Operator Licence or owning an Operator Licence.

  • Fitness to Operate
  • Financial Arrangements
  • Professional competence
  • Environmental impact of the operating centre
  • General suitability of the centre
  • Planning permissions and applications relating to the centre of the land near
  • Number and size of vehicles using the centre
  • Where and how the vehicles will be parked
  • How often the vehicles will come and go

We will discuss the options with you

Vehicle Maintenance
It is possible to carry out your own Inspections and Maintenance but accurate records are important:

  • Vehicle Details
  • List all Items to be inspected
  • When and by whom the Inspection has been carried out
  • Result of the inspection
  • Details of any Work carried out
  • Declaration of any defect have been properly repaired.
Working with an Outside Contractor

If you use an outside Contractor you must have a Maintenance Contract in place.  You are still responsible for the condition of your vehicles and trailers.  Daily walk around checks are essential.

Current Financial Levels

The amount of funds you show for each vehicle changes annually and the way that you show the funds differs depending on your situation. The length of time these funds are shown also differs. It is possible to ask for a “Financial Condition”

This is important and we can discuss the options with you, so you understand the levels required for your specific circumstances.



£8,000.00 – First Vehicle

£4,500.00 – Each Vehicle thereafter


£3,100.00 – First Vehicle

£1,700.00 – Each vehicle thereafter

These amounts are revised every December and may fluctuate up or down.